Kubernetes with Argo for the Win

  • Another abstraction for pipeline code deployment to engineers is another tech the ‘company’ requires them to learn.
  • It is another piece of tech to support management — which means more stuff & more debt.
  • To the technologist, those are boneheaded thoughts (yes, every technologist has a colossal ego) — there is no reason to hold…

Open Source Tooling to Move Your Data Warehouse to the Cloud


Working with GitLab

The Very Basics

Dockerizing Your Code

What is a DAG?

And You Should Too

#3 in the Evolving Data Science Series

Code Repo Variance

Hadoop is Not a Cloud Data Warehouse

Is Spark a Long-Term Solution?

That Wasteful ‘Parquet’ Layer

  1. Raw/Landing/Stage
  2. Standardized/Normalized
  3. Cleansed/Prepared
  4. Modeled/Provisioned
  5. Published/Reporting/Consumption/BI

Addressing Realtime Data Sources

John Aven

“I’d like to join your posse, boys, but first I’m gonna sing a little song.”

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